Submission Sound System

First DIY Sound System In North Africa    
     اول نظام صوت مستقل في شمال افريقيا
A portrait of submission, an independent moroccan roots dub sound system. It´s about the upcoming news and the way how the crew is working..
بورتريه قصير حول  نظام صوت مغربي مستقل . نوثق من خلاله ظروف اشتغال المجموعة و اعمالها المسقبلية..
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Work In Progress
Submission Sound Members :
Feras Dread : mc & singer.
Fadil Mohammed : riddim maker – multi instrumentalist – selecter
Abba Ismail : selecter – producer – sound operator.
Douraidi Aimane : coordinator.
Fouad Boutahar : singer – selecter – multiinstrumentalist – documentarist.

The Submission sound system will have its premiere at the 4th edition of Hardzazat festival,  which will take place in Ouarzazate, at the door of the desert in south-central Morocco, from 28th march to 1st april 2018. Afterwards the Submission crew will head to Casablanca and plug the whole sound system again to dub the audience at Boultek.


Testing the brandnew Sound System in Rabat
Acculturation is the solution
MigraPhone_We Are All Migrants
By Fouad Boutahar

Teaser_Urban art in Ouarzazate فن حضري في ورززات

COMING SOON     قريبا
Portrait of Hardzazat, a DIY hardcore festival in Morocco
بورتريه حول هردززات، مهرجان مستقل و فظ في المغرب
Hardzazat is made by collectives, and those are some of their members
Bild könnte enthalten: 2 Personen
Picture_from right to left
aiman Douraidi  (Hardzazat Fest Co-founder)
Hamsa Pokito (System D)
Ismail Abba (Submission Sound System)
Bild könnte enthalten: 1 Person, auf einer Bühne und Innenbereich
Aiman contemplating before being interviewed at the desk
A short teaser

Acculturation is the solution
MigraPhone_We Are All Migrants 

By Fouad Boutahar